Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Since its foundation, the NITTO KOGYO Group has strived to gain trust of the shareholders, sales partners, suppliers, and local residents based on our Corporate Creed,"We aim to contribute to society with excellent products and to bring prosperity to the company and its employees by improving productivity."
In addition to realizing this philosophy, NITTO KOGYO Group recognizes the importance of personal information and the necessity to ensure the protection thereof, and implements the following initiatives.

1. We shall stipulate provisions on the management and protection of personal information we possess, and shall endeavor to properly manage and protect personal information by improving the organizational structure.

2. We shall not use personal information beyond the scope of the specified purpose of use without the consent of the individual.

3. When acquiring personal information, we shall publicize or inform the person of the purpose of use or any changes made to the purpose of use.

4. Personal data is kept accurate and up to date, and measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage and the like of personal data.

5. When delegating the handling of personal data to the outside, we shall obligate contracts to prevent leakage and re-provision of the information by outsourcers and implement appropriate management.

6. Personal data will not be provided to third parties without obtaining the consent of the individual.

7. If a person wishes to confirm, correct, add, delete or stop the usage of the personal data held through our contact center, we will respond promptly within reasonable capacity.

8. We shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information, and continually maintain, inspect, and improve our efforts and protection.

President & COO Takuro Sasaki

Purpose of Using Personal Information

1. Personal information of customers, business partners and related parties

(1) Executing contact, business negotiation, meeting and contracts
(2) Shipping goods and materials such as products, transmitting information
(3) Support for product repair / maintenance / after-sales service
(4) Support for inquiries / consultation and recording thereof
(5) Information on products, services and events
(6) Managing participants of factory tours, seminars, travel, etc.
(7) Product development / questionnaire / monitoring
(8) Fulfilling safety obligations

2. Personal information of shareholders

(1) Executing rights and fulfilling obligations under the Companies Act
(2) Managing shareholders based on laws and ordinances (preparing shareholder data)

3. Personal information of recruitment applicants and retirees

(1) Information provision / communication to recruitment applicants (including interns)
(2) Information provision / communication to retirees, and guiding events

About shared use

Our company may use necessary items in the personal information provided by customers, business partners, related parties, recruitment applicants and retirees in collaboration with respective group companies, NITTO KOGYO partner holding companies and the Nitto Foundation. Please see here for our group companies. In such cases, we will manage the personal information responsibly.

About Cookies and Web Beacons

Technologies called cookies and web beacons are used on our website to make it more convenient for customers.

A cookie is a small information file written onto the customer's PC that makes exchanges with our website.

The information written with cookie is meant to identify the customer's PC and not to identify the individual, and is not information such as their name, address, or telephone number.

A web beacon is a technology for analyzing and collecting statistics of website access status and the like of a website by using the information written in cookies.

Our company does not use these information and technologies for purposes other than for statistical understanding and analysis of browsing conditions, improving websites, and providing advertisements.

The customer can cancel the use of cookies in their browser settings, but this may disable part of the service.

Inquiries about Personal Information

1. Please contact the department in charge of the personal information provided for requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, or the like of the information thereof.
We will handle such cases only if the customer can confirm that he/she is the principal or an authorized representative.

2. When requesting disclosure of personal information or notice of purpose of usage, we will reply by registered mail with a delivery certificate to the address listed on the invoice of the claimant. As a fee of 800 JPY (tax included) will be charged per request, please mail postage stamps along with the bill to our department in charge.

3. For any inquiries about the protection of personal information in general, or if you do not know the department in charge, please contact the Headquarters Administration Department (TEL: 0561-64-0112).

4. For shareholders' personal information, please inquire with Mizuho Trust & Banking Stock Agency Department (TEL: 0120-288-324), who manages the Company's shareholder registry.

Our company may revise this page as necessary.