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Clean and Green Technology
  • Clean Energy

    For now and for the future, we provide electrics to make life more convenient.

    Open up all the possibilities of electric power, and develop products for a smart-grid society.

    Nitto Kogyo has been developing power reception and distribution equipment led by panel boards, and shouldering the responsibilities for connecting electrics and life. Now, as a link in the anti-global-warming strategy, we have started to use our accumulated power distribution technology for relevant research. Especially in the area of smart grids (the new generation of electric grid), we have always been dedicated to developing products for photovoltaic power generation systems and popularizing clean energy. In addition, we are also leading the tide of developing electric vehicle charging stations and speeding up the process of building charging infrastructure to realize a low-carbon society. With keen expectations from people for an environmental-friendly smart community, Nitto Kogyo will continue to work on developing new generations of power distribution systems with a broader perspective.

  • Manage solar energy safely and comfortably.

    Use environmental-friendly clean energy (reduce CO2 emissions). Offer products related to photovoltaic power generation systems.

    Junction boxes for photovoltaic power generation systems

    Junction boxes for photovoltaic power generation systems - Use case

    Junction boxes for photovoltaic power generation systems

    Equipped with the smallest DC switchgear (DC600V) in the industry. It uses an input side switch which is safer than the protection board.

    Home panel boards for photovoltaic power generation systems

    Home panel boards for photovoltaic power generation systems - Use case

    Home panel boards for photovoltaic power generation systems

    Equipped with dedicated panel boards, breakers and meter boxes that are necessary for photovoltaic power generation.

  • Build the charging infrastructure by merging IT with power distribution technology.

    We have developed the first charging station in Japan with a communication function that can act as a mass production sample. We are dedicated to this new field of building well-grounded charging infrastructure.

    Plug-in hybrid vehicle, Works for both, Electric vehicle

    Charging station

    Charging station

    Loaded with overcurrent and electric shock protection functions. All you need to do to charge the car is to have the charging cable plugged into the car.

    Charging station - Use case

  • IT Infrastructure & Green IT

    Develop and consolidate the foundation for global communication network.

    Adopting technologies enhancing environmental performance to broaden the information communication foundation.

    Information communication has become the focus of the information society. IT advancements have prompted further innovation by effectively linking things to things as well as things to people, thereby creating an environmentally friendly and comfortable lifestyle for us. In this context, Nitto Kogyo has developed the combined rack and other products for accommodating network equipment. While actively contributing to expanding the communication infrastructure, we are also dedicated to promoting the development of products for the cloud computing era. For information communication, however, there are concerns that a high density of IT equipment would increase energy consumption. To address this, Nitto Kogyo has now worked out energy-saving solutions, paving the way for a green IT. In the future, the company will keep on supporting the communication business via environmentally friendly and comfort-inducing information technologies.

  • Make contributions to data center energy saving, and reduce the environmental load.

    Elevate the cooling efficiency of data centers and server rooms, and resolve heat dispersion problems.
    Provide energy-saving solutions.

    Data center rack (AH Series)

    Data center rack (AH Series)

    Quest for high load-bearing and earthquake-resistant capacity for better safety. Together with Cold Aisle Containment* to create a highly effective air conditioning environment, low power consumption can be achieved.

    Aisle ContainmentAnalysis software: TileFlow (Innovative Research Company) Analysis software: TileFlow (Innovative Research Company)

    Nitto Kogyo's thermal airflow analysis realizes highly efficient operations at data centers. *This product has been jointly developed by NTT Facilities and Nitto Kogyo.
    This product includes a patented invention of NTT Facilities (only effective in Japan).

  • Support the continuous broadening of the optical network infrastructure.

    With the continual upgrading of broadband service, Nitto Kogyo will further work on satisfying customers' demand for increasingly diversified information and communication systems.

    Optical junction box / splicing unit

    Optical junction box / splicing unit

    Optical fibers are connected through fusion or connectors and well accommodated to be protected from external forces.

    Optical fibersOptical junction box