Headquarters Plant :
2201, Kanihara, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, 480-1189 JAPAN

R&D System

Research and Development System

We adopt highly reliable and well integrated solutions to satisfy customers' demands.

Nitto Kogyo always puts safety and peace of mind as the top priorities and keeps on developing high-value-added products. While applying safety functions that have been proven by experimental data in product manufacturing, Nitto Kogyo also puts an emphasis on resource conservation and recycling by working to reduce the environmental load right from the R&D phase. In addition, the company continuously accumulates its technological capacity in terms of circuit-focused IT technologies, cooling technology, metal plating, coating technology, and so on. By integrating these various types of technologies, the company develops original and innovative solutions for the various demands of our customers.

Research and Development Center Research and Development Center

Kikugawa Laboratory Kikugawa Laboratory

Test & evaluation system

A testing system that brings technologies to perfection and enhances product reliability.

To apply the constantly emerging advanced technologies to the task of manufacturing highly reliable products, expert research personnel and excellent test equipment are indispensable. The Research and Development Center at the headquarters of Nitto Kogyo and the Kikugawa Laboratory are equipped with the best tools for testing and research. In addition to conducting comprehensive evaluation tests, including strength, earthquake-resistance, and IP tests, we also routinely check the final products to ensure their reliability and safety. Moreover, the company also provides evaluation test data in the forms "Test Results" and "Test Report".

Seismic test Dust proof test Waterproof test EMC·Interference-related test Salt spray test The iDC test devices Short-circuit test The power generation equipment for short-circuit testing
Seismic test
heck impacts from vibrations during installation or an earthquake.
Dust proof test
Verify the dust proof capacities of the enclosures (exterior casing) according to IEC standards.
Waterproof test
Verify the waterproof capacities of the enclosures (exterior casing) according to IEC standards.
EMC·Interference-related test
Test impacts from electromagnetic waves and other interference on the products.
Salt spray test
Check the rustproof capacity of products, components, and coatings exposed to the outdoor environment.
The iDC test devices
Test a data center's thermal problems and energy saving issues through a simple simulation of the indoor environment of the data center.
Short-circuit test
Check whether the short-circuit current can be cut off safely when an accident happens and whether the short-circuit current can be satisfactorily prevented.
The power generation equipment for short-circuit testing
Other types of tests
  • Temperature rise test
  • Mechanical test
  • Coating-related test
  • Withstanding voltage test
  • Environmental test
  • Various loads test

Technical support

Conduct data analyses for all types of conditions.

The computer simulation test called CAE analysis enables us to carry out a performance evaluation under difficult data acquisition conditions. For example, conducting thermal airflow analysis of the floors when setting racks in data centers. Through the analysis, we can obtain concrete data for each case and formulate effective strategies based on the data gathered.

• CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Computer Aided Technology
  • An example of vibration analysisAn example of vibration analysis
  • An example of iDC thermal airflow analysisAn example of iDC thermal airflow analysis
    Analysis software: TileFlow (Innovative Research Company)

Conforming to International standards

Reliable products conforming to international standards.

With the process of globalization speeding up, customers are pressing strongly for products conforming to international standards. Nitto Kogyo's products have acquired various types of international certifications such as IEC, UL, NEBS, and the high performance of its products is highly valued worldwide.

IEC standard
Internationally certified electric technology-related standard
UL standard
The most representative safety standard of north America
An important standard at the US information communication market

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