Headquarters Plant :
2201, Kanihara, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, 480-1189 JAPAN

Product Lineup

Product Lineup

From everyday life to industrial production, Nitto Kogyo is dedicated to supporting social development and creating a wonderful future.

Apart from panel boards and enclosures, Nitto Kogyo also proactively develops assorted products for realizing a smart electrical grid. We identify new demands constantly emerging from the ever-evolving trends and develop new products that meet the demands of the time. Nitto Kogyo's products are excellent in helping customers solve issues related to construction convenience, space saving, heat resistance, earthquake resistance, safety strategies, and so on.

Panel Boards

  • High-voltage power receiving equipment
    High-voltage power receiving equipment

    We standardize accommodating device combinations, and reduce delivery time and cost via our mass production system.

  • Standard panel boards
    Standard panel boards

    We offer a great variety of standard panel boards that have gone through rigorous tests for reliable power supply and safety. The quality of our products is guaranteed.

  • Control panel boards
    Control panel boards

    They can satisfy various kinds of needs, from single systems (with a standard control panel board) to multiple systems (with a combination of control panel boards).

  • Charging station
    Charging station

    Charging stations for both plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV) and electric vehicles (EV). The highly legible panel is simple to operate. This will surely become the paradigm for standard charging stations in the future.

  • Home panel boards
    Home panel boards

    Numerous types of products are available for different purposes and types of environment, bringing you a reassuring and comfortable family life.

  • Optical junction boxes
    Optical junction boxes

    With the coming of the broadband era, Nitto Kogyo will further work on satisfying customers' demand for gradually diversified information and communication systems.

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