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The History of Nitto Kogyo

The history of Nitto Kogyo began with a switch. Since then, the Company has continually developed numerous epoch-making products for circuit protection, which formed a solid foundation for producing safe electric products. Now over 60 years since the establishment of Nitto Kogyo, we will reach a significant turning point in the next few years that will revolutionize people's value. The company will not only continue to delve into fields such as broadband, electric automobiles, and photovoltaic power generation, but also challenge brand new territories according to the evolving demands presented by the times. Nitto Kogyo will strive to bring about solutions for supporting comfortable living.

The History of Nitto Kogyo

history_photo02history_photo01The establishment of
"Nitto Kogyo Corporation".

The company began using a stamping technique and ceramic materials to produce electric devices such as cut-off switches in Seto City, Aichi.
history_photo03Manufacturing and sales of covered knife switches.
These covered knife switches were highly approved by the public and thereby elevated Nitto Kogyo's reputation as a switch manufacturer.
The company was appointed as a rationalized factory paradigm for small and medium-sized companies.
The company was highly recognized for its quality-prioritizing product development and production systems as well as our reliable business operation.
history_photo04Promoted and implemented panel board standardization.
Started to manufacture and sell standardized panel boards, which had been converted from an order-based production to a factory-based production.
history_photo05Entered the high-voltage power receiving equipment market.
Began manufacturing and selling enclosed panel-board-type high-voltage power-receiving equipment in which the power receiving device is housed in a metal enclosure.
history_photo06Manufacturing and sales of iron enclosures.
Began manufacturing and selling the enclosure series used for Nitto Kogyo's featured products panel boards and control cabinets.
history_photo07Established the Nagoya Plant.
Due to logistic reasons, the plant was established at the entrance to the Tomei Expressway to the east of Nagoya.
Company headquarters relocation.
The company headquarters was moved from Seto City, Aichi Prefecture to Nagakute-cho, Aichi Prefecture.
history_photo08Established the Kikugawa Plant.
history_photo09Began to manufacture breakers.
Began to manufacture and sell over-current protection devices--safety breakers--that replaced the fuse.
history_photo10Manufacturing and sales of Racks.
Began to manufacture and sell communication racks for the information society.
Listed in the second section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
The company's leakage breaker was granted approval as a Japan Industrial Standard (JIS).
Established the Hamamatsu Plant (Now the Iwata Plant).
history_photo11The enclosure acquired the IP label, an international standard.
Listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
history_photo12Construction of the Research and Development Center was completed.
The R&D system has been reinforced to enhance the new product development.
Established the Nakatsugawa Plant, and Saga Kyuragi Plant (Now the Karatsu Plant).
history_photo13The slim-type breaker received the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Industry Safety Director Award.
history_photo14Manufacturing and sales of optical fiber junction boxes.
Began to manufacture and sell optical fiber junction boxes for the popularized broadband.
Listed in the first sections of the Tokyo and the Nagoya Stock Exchanges
ISO9001The Kikugawa Plant was certified for ISO9001.
(All the plants were certified for ISO9001 the next year).
Established the Hanamaki Plant.
history_photo15Established the Kikugawa Laboratory.
Established the Tochigi Nogi Plant.
history_photo35Manufacturing and sales of "FS Series" frame enclosures.
For the communication equipment enclosure market, the company began to manufacture and sell the "FS Series" frame enclosures that boast an exclusive and innovative cooling mechanism, an earthquake-resistant mechanism, and high rigidity.
ISO14001All the plants had acquired ISO14001 certification.
history_photo17history_photo16Acquired UL certification
First Japanese manufacturer to receive UL certification (US standard) and TÜV certification (European standard) for enclosures storing control panels and communication equipment.
history_photo19Manufacturing and sales of "FST" Seismic type enclosures.
Began to manufacture and sell "FST" Seismic type enclosures which satisfied NEBS GR-63-CORE Zone4's requirements in the U.S.
history_photo19The high-breaking miniature circuit breaker received the Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc. Incentive Award.
Established a local corporation in China - "Nitto Kogyo (Jiaxing) Corporation".
history_photo20The plug-in trunk-division board received the Kansai Electric Security Association Chairman Award.
history_photo36The preset plug-in lamp and the dynamic panel board received the Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc. Incentive Award.
history_photo22The Plug-in dynamic panel board received the Osaka Governor Award.
Established "Tohoku Nitto Kogyo Corporation" (Formerly known as Hanamaki Plant).
history_photo37The monitor panel board received the Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc. Incentive Award.
history_photo24The Vibration Control Rack received the Good Design Award.
Made Aichi Electric Works Co.,Ltd a consolidated subsidiary.
history_photo25Established Kakegawa Plant.
history_photo26Established a local corporation in Thailand "ELETTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD".
Established Nitto Kogyo (Jiaxing) Corporation Shanghai Office in China.
Kikugawa Laboratory acquired international standard ISO/IEC17025 laboratory authorization in JAB.
history_photo27The compact high-efficiency electronic cooler received the Japan Electrical Construction Association, Inc. Incentive Award.
Established Beijing Office in China.
history_photo28The charging station received the Good Design Award.
history_photo29Charging station transition Transition of the PHV & EV charging stations.
We developed the first model with a communication function in Japan, and began to provide a management-support service.
history_photo30Manufacturing and sales of the new "AH Series" racks for data centers.
Began to manufacture and sell the new "AH Series" racks which are suitable for data centers. This series' heavy load capacity is made possible by the hollowed frame made from different metals and the mixed earthquake-resistant structure.
"Nitto Kogyo (Jiaxing) Corporation". renamed to "Nitto Kogyo (China) Corporation".
Established Nitto Kogyo (China) Corporation, Xiping Branch.
history_photo30Started manufacturing and sales of wall mount EV & PHEV charging station.
Obtained 100% share of Sun Telephone Co., Ltd. and Nankai Densetsu Co.,Ltd.
Obtained 100% share of Taiyo Electric Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
history_photo modal shiftThe Nakatsugawa Plant's initiative to reduce CO₂ emission by modal shift, received a Special Award under the Excellent Green Logistics Commendation Program.
Established a local corporation in Thailand "NITTO KOGYO TRADING (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.".
history_photo Ene-SearchThe home panel board featuring Ene-Search received "The Enviroment Minister's Award".
Obtained 100% share of Gathergates Group Pte Ltd.
history_photo isaver-compactThe plug-in compact power panel board ( i saver compact ) received "The Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award".

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